Tips for Online Classes

Are you getting ready to start an online class, but are worried about getting off track? Self-paced online courses provide great flexibility for users, but it can be hard to stay focused when you’re not in a classroom environment, surrounded by other students and with a teacher guiding the course.

Consider these following tips for starting an online course and staying focused.

Create a dedicated study area.
Whether you have a whole room to turn into an office, or just a small nook in your home, having a dedicated space to complete your online class will help you focus.

Eliminate Distractions
There is no shortage of online streaming shows or funny memes to distract you from your online class. Consider turning your phone to minimize distractions, and give yourself scheduled breaks so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

Manage Your Time
Consider using a planner or the calendar app on your smartphone to layout your study time. Try blocking out time that you can focus solely to doing coursework or studying for exams. Mark important goals in your calendar (when you want to take your exam for example). Good time management will help you stay on task.

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